Vote “YES, YES” for the alternative!

Ballot papers are being posted to more than a quarter of a million PCS members who are being urged to vote in favour of a national strike against cuts to pensions, jobs and pay.

Delegates to the union’s annual conference last week decided to take a stand against the Government’s unprecedented attacks on public sector workers.

Everything union members have worked for is under threat:

  • Pay is frozen while inflation soars

  • People face working longer and paying more for smaller pensions

  • No public sector job is safe as services are slashed and organisations merge

  • The government has ripped up the redundancy terms in the civil service compensation scheme.

PCS wants members to vote ‘yes’ for strike action and action-short-of-a-strike – in the ballot which closes on 15 June.

Four education unions are also planning industrial action over attacks on public sector pensions – after talks between trade union leaders and cabinet ministers came to nothing.

A big ‘yes’ vote will strengthen the hand of union negotiators in every public sector workplace in the UK.

Hundreds of thousands of working people took to the streets of London on 26 March to demand an alternative economic strategy.

The protesters’ confidence grew as trades unionists glimpsed their collective strength. It’s time to turn that energy into action.

There is an alternative.

The government could find the money to fund public services and to protect the jobs, pensions and pay of public servants.

What PCS members can do:

  • Check your closest colleagues are in the union – and if not ask them to join

  • Take part in workplace and branch meetings – your idea could be the one that wins the dispute

  • Support local anti-cuts activities – whichever union is leading them

  • Read our alternative economic strategy at (Link)

PCS members who have not received a ballot paper by 3 June should call 020 7801 2670 or email

Tuesday’s press release

It’s time to take sides – join PCS


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