NEW Strike Leaflet – Vote YES / YES

As part of our campaign building towards potential strike action on June 30th, Bootle Taxes Branch will be giving out a number of leaflets to our members. Not only will we be building for a strong YES / YES vote, but also for active participation in the strike.

As we produce more leaflets, they can be downloaded for use or distribution by members and other branches from our resources page.

June 30th is just the beginning

Ballot papers are currently being delivered to PCS members asking you to vote on strike action and action short of a strike. It is vital that members remember to cast their vote in this ballot.

The government wants to increase the amount civil servants pay into our pensions, make us work longer for it, and give us less at the end. Along with having our pay frozen as inflation soars, this is a significant real terms pay cut. At the same time, our redundancy terms are being attacked so that our jobs can be cut quicker and cheaper.

Against this onslaught, we need to fight back. Bootle Taxes Branch urges its members to vote YES for strike action and YES for action short of a strike. But don’t just vote – this is your fight, so make sure you get involved!

How can I support the strike?

Recruit your colleagues: there has never been a greater need to join a union, and we are stronger the more of us stick together.

Promote the strike: tell friends and family what we’re doing and what we’re fighting for. The wider our support, the better our chance of winning.

Attend the meetings: in the run-up to the strike, we intend to organise both public meetings and branch meetings to coordinate our actions. Come along, take part and have your say!

Join the picket lines: on June 30th, up to a million public sector workers will be on strike, and we need to make our voices heard. The more of us are visible on the picket lines and at the strike day rallies, the greater the pressure on the government to listen.

Support the overtime ban: Overtime in HMRC is still central to the government’s attacks. Don’t undermine your participation in the strike by signing up. Speak to a rep about joining Saturday pickets.

Go beyond the workplace: support local anti-cuts campaigns – whoever is leading them, from trades councils to UK Uncut.

It’s not just us: teachers from the NUT and ATL will be on strike on the same day. Their fight is our fight. If you have kids, keep them off school – maybe even encourage them to join their teachers’ pickets! Speak to other parents about doing the same.

We are all in this together

Attacks on public sector workers put those who use the services we provide at risk. That includes not just the people on the other end of the phone or the names on our computer screens, but our friends, our family, our colleagues and of course ourselves.

An attack on one of us really is an attack on all of us – it’s about time we fought back!

Download a PDF copy of this new leaflet here.


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