Strong support for strike action in Bootle Taxes Branch

The fantastic support from members was particularly visible at the mass walk-ins at 10am and 1.30pm

PCS Bootle Taxes branch would like to thank all members who left early/arrived late/walked out over the last two days to protest against HMRC’s new attendance management policy.

There was strong support throughout the branch, with just a small handful of non-members left in Litherland House and 800+ people taking action at The Triad.

Members staged an hour walk-out at 4pm on Tuesday, a “walk-in” at 10am on Wednesday, and two hours of lunchtime strike action on the same day. This included a rally at the front of the strand where members heard how the attendance management policy was another way of getting rid of jobs on the cheap under the government’s cuts agenda and reps handed leaflets to the public emphasising that this fight was for the services we provide to the public as well as for our jobs, pensions and terms & conditions.

We would also like to thank those not directly involved in the dispute who came to show support and solidarity, as it is good to know that despite the media’s propaganda war there are still plenty of people out there who support our cause.

Read a PDF version of the leaflet we handed out to the public today here.


One thought on “Strong support for strike action in Bootle Taxes Branch

  1. PCS Bootle – what an example you set to all union members. Fantastic emergency motion to conference on the pacesetter agreeement. Your motion was unanimously passed and should supercede a false ballot result. Keep strong. I don’t know what it is, but we are all in IT together! Steve Lintern. PCS Branch Organiser South Wales

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