Overtime ban leaflet

The following is the text of a leaflet handed out by Bootle Taxes Branch Reps this week.

Working overtime means you’re costing someone else their job

As part of our campaign against the cuts, PCS members voted in 2009 for an overtime ban. At this year’s AGM in February, members of Bootle Taxes voted unanimously to support it.

The overtime ban is a vital part of PCS’s campaign to defend jobs and services. It has already won us significant gains and it is vital members continue to honour it.

If HMRC can continue using overtime to mask the cuts, the next job to go could be yours.

The overtime ban is working

Overtime in HMRC is being used to mask job cuts and get NPS in order so that the department can meet its spending review commitments. By not working overtime, PCS members are exposing the drastic shortfalls in HMRC staffing and strengthening our argument for permanent, long-term investment in HMRC to close the £120bn tax gap as an alternative to cuts.

The department recruited 1,000 TFTA staff because not enough of the overtime on offer was being taken up. The vast majority of members in Bootle alone are honouring the ban. This, coupled with huge support nationally, has seen the deadline for introducing Real-Time PAYE pushed back from 2012 to 2013. It has also seen temporary promotions for AA staff yield 1,000 permanent jobs and TFTA contracts extended until next September. This puts PCS in a position where we can argue that these are in fact FTA jobs, and thus eligible for rights currently denied them – such as the ability to apply for permanent posts.

But whilst these are great gains, much more remains to be done. We have seen temporary promotions become permanent, but we want temporary jobs to become permanent as well. Instead of overtime, we want a pay increase in line with the cost of living.

If you know anyone working overtime, remember: they are being paid with the money the department claimed not to have when imposing a pay freeze on Band O and above and giving A-grades a paltry £20 extra a month.




You can download a PDF copy of the leaflet here.

Read our Q&A on the overtime ban here.


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