Skills Matrix in Customer Operations

PCS have been receiving representations from members and reps who expressed concern about the use of the skills matrix within Customer Operations. As a result HMRC and PCS have held several meetings to discuss how the skills matrix will be used, and PCS have sought guarantees on the positive use of the skills matrix to support our members and provide them with opportunities to improve their skill sets and career prospects. Discussion at these meetings where very positive and as a result, PCS and HMRC have agreed a set of guidelines under which the skills matrix will operate. PCS believes that these guidelines will allow members to participate fully in the use of the skills matrix.

HMRC and PCS joint statement on how we will use our new Work Management Skills Matrices

The new Work Management Skills Matrix is a tool which helps you understand the skills your job requires and is one of a number of ways in which you and your manager can work together in identifying any learning needs you may have.

It is broken down into topic headings that detail sets of skills required – by using a scoring system from 1-4 it will help you analyse your skill level in each area.

The matrix can then be used to inform the development of training programmes and help to you understand what learning and development you need to ensure confidence and capability in your role.

You will then be supported by the business to acquire the skills required to do your job to a professional standard.

There is also a manager’s supporting brief and documents available to help with using the matrix and explaining what people need to do.

We have outlined below some principles on how we will use the matrices:

  • People should complete a personal skills matrix which will help identify their skill level.
  • They will then work with their manager to understand what learning and development support they may need for them to be confident in their role.
  • Line managers will be able to view the information, which will be confidential.
  • The skills matrix Information will not be used to compare staff or to judge suitability for promotion.
  • The information will not be used to inform work allocation.
  • The skills Matrix will be used positively for the benefit of each member of staff.

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