Momentum builds as executive agrees autumn strike

PCS’s national executive has unanimously agreed to call a further one-day national strike in the autumn as part of our campaign against cuts to pensions, jobs and pay.

The date is yet to be fixed, and will be determined in consultation with other unions to maximise wider involvement, but the NEC decided to consider November as a likely date for action.

The union will also consider industrial action short of a strike, either in the run-up to or following the national strike day, and to consider the possibility of targeted action in co-ordination with other unions.

Central and sector-specific talks with the government on pensions are continuing but no progress has been made in either the civil service or elsewhere in the public sector because the employers are failing to provide sufficient information or show a willingness to negotiate on the main issues.

The NEC agreed we should continue to participate in these meetings, but will also continue to build the greatest possible unity for industrial action in November. There is a growing recognition among unions that no one sector can win this fight alone.

The executive received an interim report about the impact of 30 June that showed it was the best supported strike in PCS’s history. More work is being done to analyse areas of the union that might require greater support.

Discussions are continuing with other unions and – as well as the NUT, ATL and UCU, who joined us on strike in June – there are clear signs that members of more unions will be or are likely to be balloted for action in the autumn.

We have welcomed the statement issued today by two other civil service unions, FDA and Prospect, that they are seriously considering balloting for action because of the government’s unwillingness to negotiate.

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said: “We have a lot to be proud of. Our strike in June had a major impact on the debate on public and private pensions, and forced the government onto the back foot.

“Momentum is clearly building now for further action in the autumn involving more unions, and we will do everything we can to work with them to ensure this has the maximum impact.”

See also: NASUWT begins ballot preparations for industrial action


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