All Out On 30 November

The following is the text of a leaflet handed out by Bootle Taxes Branch Reps this week.


At last week’s TUC Congress, all of the public sector unions met and agreed unanimously to call a “day of action” on November 30. After the successful action on June 30 byfour unions with 750,000 members, we are now facing the prospect of a strike by thirteen unions representing around 3 million public sector workers.

PCS, the other civil service unions FDA and Prospect, the teaching unions NUT, ATL, NASUWT and NAHT, the University and Colleges Union, the Fire Brigades Union and the local government unions Unison, Unite and GMB will all be looking to come out. The Prison Officers Association has promised to support the strike even if it means defying the law.

This will be the biggest trade union mobilisation in a generation. It is important that everyone plays their part, and we all put pressure on the government to heed our demands.


Recruit a friend: If you know anyone who’s currently not a member of PCS, get them to sign up. There has never been a more important time to join, and the more of us that stick together the bigger impact we will make.

Attend the meetings: In the run up to November 30, we will be holding both Branch meetings for members in Bootle Taxes and public meetings for all union members and service users in the Bootle area. We want these meetings to be about practical decision-making rather than listening to speeches. This is our chance to make our voice heard in how this campaign plays out.

Build the strike committee: Building on the success of June 30, we will be looking to initiate a Bootle-wide strike committee to coordinate action on the ground. This committee will be accountable for putting into practice the decisions made by mass meetings, so it is doubly important that members aren’t just passive observers in this action.

Join Liverpool Against The Cuts: Bootle Taxes Branch is affiliated to the Liverpool Against The Cuts campaign, aimed at uniting and supporting all of the various struggles against the government’s attacks. Meetings are open to everyone, so speak to a rep to find out when the next one is and come along!

Support the overtime ban: Overtime in HMRC remains integral to the government’s attacks on our jobs and on the benefits of the most vulnerable people in society by speeding up the introduction of the Universal Credit. Refuse to do overtime and if you know somebody who is doing it urge them to stop and stand together with the vast majority of PCS members in Bootle and across HMRC.

Stay informed: Keep up to date with the latest information on campaigns at and

You can download a PDF copy of the leaflet here.

You can download a .doc copy of the leaflet here.


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