New #N30 leaflet – PENSIONS ARE JUST THE BEGINNING, can we afford NOT to take action?

The following is the text of a leaflet handed out by Bootle Taxes Branch Reps this week.


“Pension reforms will also help the prime minister’s “big society” programme to really get off the ground. Public sector pensions remain the biggest barrier to the private and third sectors providing public services.”
– John Cridland, Deputy Director-General of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI)

Pensions under attack

During the strike action on June 30, the extent of the government’s
lies and distortions about pensions came to light.

The Treasury’s estimate of the cost of public sector pensions as a
proportion of the UK’s national output shows a modest increase
from 1.5% to 2% by 2027/28. After this, projections show a slight
decline. Two and a half times as much public sector money is spent
subsidising private sector pensions through tax relief than paying
for public sector pensions – 60% of this goes to earners at the
higher rate.

Yet, still, the government wants us to work longer and pay more to
get less. This is not about making pensions “fair” or “affordable,” as
they claim. It is an attack on public sector workers and an attempt
to make us pay for the financial crisis.

Privatisation is the next step

As the deputy head of the CBI said, the next step after pension
reform is outsourcing the public sector to private providers. HMRC
are already set to trial this in Contact Centres, and those of us in
Customer Operations should be worried since our two business
streams have now merged.

Privatisation will put more jobs at risk, as those driven by profit aim
to make as much as possible whilst constantly driving down costs.
That means our wages, sick pay, and holidays – our pensions will
have already been torn apart. It also means a worse deal for
service users, as stats come ahead of delivering quality service.

Time to fight back – make a stand!

On June 30, PCS was among the four unions that took the first
coordinated strike action against these attacks. On November 30,
at least nine more unions are set to join us. It is now more
important than ever that we stick together and build a sustained
fight back.

We don’t have the rights we have today out of the generosity of our
employer. We won them, by giving the employer a fight. If we want
to defend them, then we need to keep fighting.

You can download a PDF copy of the leaflet here.

You can download a .doc copy of the leaflet here.


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