Privatisation ballot opens

Members bulletin being handed out by reps at the Triad and Litherland House today.

Previous members’ bulletins have detailed HMRC’s plans to trial the running of contact centre services by private sector suppliers. Your Group Executive Committee (GEC) does not believe we have the option to sit back and wait to see what happens. There are many private sector suppliers who would relish the opportunity to get their hands on highly lucrative contracts to run HMRC contact centres.  Therefore, a ballot for industrial action is now underway.


A ballot of members in PT Ops began on Friday, 28 October.  We are asking all members in Contact Centres, Face-to-Face and in Customer Operations to take part and give a clear mandate for industrial action. This action will include short walkouts, and action short of strike action (including working strictly to rule).

The questions on the ballot paper will be:

  • Are you prepared to take part in strike action?
  • Are you prepared to take part in industrial action short of a strike?

Members are being asked to vote YES/YES to both.

Ballot papers should be returned to the Independent Scrutineer using the pre-paid envelope you will receive with the ballot paper. Members who do not receive a ballot paper by Monday 7 November should call the R&C group office on 0207 801 2884/5 to request a replacement. Members will need to quote their membership number or NI number.

Asking members to vote for and possibly take industrial action is not a decision your GEC take lightly. HMRC say the trials are small scale and will not lead to job losses. The GEC believe that allowing private sector companies in to HMRC to run even small scale trials represents a far larger potential threat to our members’ jobs and the services that HMRC deliver, paving the way for further opportunities for the private sector to get a foothold in HMRC.  There are clear and viable alternatives to the use of the private sector to handle increased workloads.

A high turnout, with a massive YES/YES vote, will be key in persuading HMRC to change its mind.  To maintain maximum pressure on the department, the first crucial step is to comprehensively win the ballot for action, with as many members as possible taking part.
Your GEC is urging all members across the PT Ops Directorate in Contact Centres, in Face to Face and in Customer Operations, to vote YES/YES for strike action and action short of a strike in the ballot.

  • Public  services, not private profit
  • Invest in permanent jobs
  • Vote YES for strike action
  • Vote YES for action short of a strike
  • Support the national action on 30 November

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