Privatisation in PT Ops: ballot result

PCS members in PT Ops, working in call centres, face to face and customer operations around the UK have voted overwhelmingly for industrial action over the issue of privatisation. The result is a resounding YES vote in favour of both strike action and action short of strike and a clear signal to HMRC that members are determined to defend jobs and services in HMRC. This result could not have been achieved without the efforts and sacrifices from PCS reps in ensuring members were kept fully briefed, and every member who participated in the ballot.

Full Results

On a 34.7% turnout the full results are as follows:

Papers returned: 7,128

Votes for strike action:        Votes for action short of strike:
Yes Votes: 4,933 (70.4%)    Yes Votes: 5,927 (86.4%)
No Votes: 2,076 (29.6%)     No Votes: 930 (13.6%)

Spoilt Votes: 119                 Spoilt Votes: 271

Next Steps

We will be notifying the employer of the result shortly and the GEC has scheduled an emergency meeting on 21 November to make recommendations on the action to the national disputes committee.

Specific instructions in relation to action, and updates on negotiations, will be circulated to your Branch Secretaries.


All members should now:

• Work with your branch to prepare for action;

• Attend union meetings where these are organised;

• Get involved in campaigning activities in your work areas;


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