30 November – Thank you and next steps

Every single PCS member on strike on 30 November should be proud of themselves and the millionaires in the government should be ashamed of themselves.

We would like to congratulate all PCS members who took part in the hugely successful, historic action.

Across the UK, millions of people struck and marched in dozens of towns and cities.

Our action, co-ordinated with 30 other unions, was a powerful display of united trade union opposition to unfair and unnecessary cuts in pensions and of the depth of support for the alternative to the government’s damaging economic policies.

The action has won growing public support and Ministers have undoubtedly been pushed further onto the defensive. Their wild claims about the strike and their misleading comments on public sector pensions have been exposed for what they are: desperate attempts to deflect attention from their unjust cuts in hard working public servants’ pensions to pay for a deficit caused by the greed of the banks.

We continue to seek a settlement of this dispute, and are attending every meeting in an attempt to secure real negotiations. Unfortunately, the government seeks to refuse negotiations on the issues at the heart of the dispute – working longer and paying more for a lower pension – and will only talk to the unions about how to introduce these cuts.

The message to the government is: we don’t want to strike but if you don’t negotiate with us more action will need to be considered. This dispute is so important to public servants, and to everyone in Britain, that we cannot give up the fight.

Overtime ban and next steps

By supporting the overtime ban which started on 1 December* and lasts until the end of the month, members will also make it clear that we are committed to campaigning for as long as it takes to make the government negotiate seriously.

The PCS national executive meets next week to assess the situation and all public sector unions will meet on December 15 to discuss the next steps in the campaign.

Mark Serwotka         Janice Godrich
General Secretary    President

* HMRC members should note that the month long overtime ban beginning on 1 December is a national one across the civil service, and that the HMRC overtime ban remains in place through and beyond it. More info here.


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