Privatisation dispute: action short of strike action

PCS Bootle Taxes Branch would like to thank all those who walked out between 12 and 3 today in the action against attendance management and privatisation.

From Tuesday, 13 December we are asking all members in PT Ops to take action short of strike action, and therefore take the following actions:

  1. Work strictly to rule by following the precise instructions as set down in the Call Type Process (CTPs) or Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  2. Take appropriate DSE breaks i.e. breaks away from your screen of between 5 or 10 minutes after every complete hour of working.
  3. Do not work overtime (this fits in with the existing HMRC-wide overtime ban).

Members are asked to observe the action short of strike action until further notice.

Your Group Executive Committee will meet on 15/16 December 2011 to assess the impact of strike action, to consider any movement from the department, and to draw up plans for any further industrial action.

We are fighting privatisation NOW to defend jobs and public revenue for the future.

Take action short of strike action from Tuesday 13 December by working to rule, taking DSE breaks and refuse to work overtime.


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