Ballot over Pacesetter agreement

Today, PCS Bootle Taxes Branch Chair Frank Doran held a number of meetings with members in The Triad and Litherland House over the proposed agreement on Pacesetter.

The Bootle Taxes Branch Executive Committee has not had the chance to meet and discuss this, and so the BEC had no specific recommendation for members. Instead, the background to the new agreement was detailed as well as the branch’s opposition to both the previous incarnation of the agreement and the manner in which the last ballot was conducted. Reservations were also raised over the manner the current ballot is being conducted.

Members were urged to read the agreement in full, to make up their own minds, and to take part in the vote – what is important at this stage is that the ballot is representative of members’ views, which requires as high a turnout as possible.

Download the Pacesetter agreement between HMRC and PCS as a PDF here.

To vote, you will need to register for iMembership – if you need your membership number, contact your Branch Organiser, ring 020 7801 2670 or email Once logged in, you can vote by following this link.

You can read the background to the Pacesetter agreement, and the Group Executive’s Committee’s recommendation to vote YES here.

PCS Revenue & Customs Euston Branch are also recommending a YES vote, which you can read here.

PCS R&C Euston Branch Secretary Anna Owens is voting NO, and you can read why here.


One thought on “Ballot over Pacesetter agreement

  1. Our BEC voted unanimously to recommend our members vote No to this agreement. It is vague throughout and contains no real protections for staff. It has barely changed from the previous one. The agreement says it accepts that there must be some monitoring. But where is the simple statement: “We recognise that every piece of post, telephone call, worklist item, and customer record is different and will take varying amounts of time to resolve”? Without this definition, we do not see that the agreement gives the protections that members deserve.

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