PCS message on Queen’s Dock moves

The following is a joint message sent on behalf of the Bootle Taxes and the Liverpool Revenue Branches of the PCS Union.

As you are aware the department are in the process of organising the moving of Queens Dock Contact Centre to the Triad in Bootle.

As you would expect PCS have been involved in extensive discussions with the department over this move. We are sorry to report that on numerous occasions information we believe to be vital in order to assure the plans are safe has not been forthcoming.

We have been particularly concerned over issues around the Fire Alarm system and emergency evacuation routes. Although we have had verbal assurances that there isn’t a problem, we have waited for nearly 2 months for the department to provide us with a formal report on how they envisage fire evacuations would take place; and what would be the safe capacity of the Triad in relation to building regulations and health and safety legislation.. We were promised a response by Friday 13th. None was forthcoming.

Whilst awaiting the department’s response we carried out our own survey of the building. Our findings highlight numerous concerns over the fire evacuation routes and the alarm system.

As such due to the department’s failure to address this issue we have been forced to issue a formal notice detailing our concerns and requesting that alternative accommodation is now sought for Queens Dock Contact Centre.

We can assure all members that we have not taken this decision lightly, however we must put member’s safety first in determining how we respond to these issues.

We will issue further information on this issue towards the end of this week, and will keep you posted at every stage of the process.

John Virtue – PCS Coordinator, Liverpool Review

Sean Corcoran – Health and Safety Coordinator, LIverpool Revenue Branch

Tony ONeill – Health and Safety Coordinator, Bootle Taxes Branch


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