Fighting pension changes on three fronts

PCS is continuing to fight the government’s decision to change the way inflation is added to pensions – in court, in parliament, and through the threat of industrial action.

The switch from using the Retail Price Index (RPI) to the usually lower Consumer Price Index (CPI) to upgrade pensions will cost every worker thousands of pounds.

Last autumn a court was asked by six unions – including PCS – to rule the changes unlawful.

The government won the case – but one judge dissented from the ruling giving the unions an avenue to launch a challenge.

An appeal has been lodged which should be heard in the summer.

The other unions involved in the original case were the Fire Brigades Union, teachers’ union NASUWT, the Prison Officers Association, Unison, and Unite.

Meanwhile PCS is lobbying MPs to stage a commons debate after a petition opposing the changes topped 100,000 signatures.

The petition was launched by PCS member Jim Singer on the official government e-petitions site – where any cause that attracts 100,000 supporters can be considered for a parliamentary debate.

Jim’s petition now has 106,949 signatures – please sign and/or spread the link to increase pressure for the debate.

MPs in the PCS parliamentary group will be making representations to the committee that draws up the House of Commons timetable in the hope of having a debate next week.

PCS is still in negotiations with the government over pensions where union representatives will continue to argue against the switch from RPI to CPI.

The PCS national executive has voted in favour of co-ordinated industrial action with other public sector unions if the government continues to press for public servants to work longer and pay more for smaller pensions.


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