Supportive action for members not striking on 31 January

As Bootle Taxes Branch has members who are not part of the PT Ops directorate, it is useful to clarify the situation over industrial action on Tuesday.

In short, the answer to whether or not non-PT Ops staff can strike is No.

To ensure that members are protected by legislation a trade union must ballot its members on whether they are prepared to take industrial action and a majority of those voting must vote in favour of it. PCS have only balloted those employed in PT.

PCS is not, at this stage, balloting its members outside of the PT business stream on taking industrial action. It would not, therefore, be lawful for PCS to advise its members employed outside of the PT business stream to participate in strike action.

While we know that this is disappointing information, it is important we do our best to protect all involved while providing you with alternative ways of showing your support.

In order to show their support for the action, we ask non-PT Ops members to:

  • Take leave where possible, or work as short a day as flexi time will allow you
  • Talk to those on the picket line before and after your shift, as well as on your lunch break
  • Help with picket duties and tea and coffee runs in your own time
  • Donate money to the Bootle Taxes Branch Hardship Fund
  • Complete the E-Action urging your MP to oppose HMRC privatisation
  • Send messages of support to R&, or via Twitter to @pcsbootletaxes and @PCSRCGROUP
  • Wear a sticker to work which will be available from your reps and on picket lines

PCS Bootle Taxes Branch understands the difficult position that this action puts non-PT Ops members in and is grateful for all shows of support and solidarity.


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