Extension of TFTA members’ contracts

HMRC have announced that all TFTAs working in Personal Tax will have their contracts extended until March 2013. PCS welcomes this news. PCS has maintained from the outset that these members are FTAs and not TFTAs because we believe that they were recruited through fair and open competition. We have been pressing hard for these members to be confirmed as FTAs and for HMRC to offer them permanent positions as part of PCS’ ongoing jobs campaign.

Latest Developments

PCS believes that these contract extensions show that HMRC does not have enough staff to do the work in Personal Tax. We receive regular reports from members that worklists are being left un-worked in favour of higher priority work. Only two weeks ago HMRC announced that processing staff would support contact centres for 12 weeks over the summer.

PCS has long campaigned for investment and job creation in HMRC. We believe that the best alternative to “austerity” and public sector spending cuts is to raise additional tax revenue to reduce the UK budget deficit. £120 billion in potential tax revenue is evaded, avoided or uncollected every single year. The only way to close this tax gap and to ensure that every member of our society pays their fair share is by ensuring that HMRC is adequately resourced and properly staffed.

PCS will continue to use all means available to us to achieve these aims, including negotiations with management and our campaigning work. We would ask all our members, whether temporary or permanent and wherever they work to continue to support their union and their colleagues and to stand together for Tax Justice for All.


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