Early Day Motion 295-Atos

What is an early day motion?
An early day motion is a method MPs use to get something brought for debate in parliament.

How does an EDM work?
An MP presents an EDM to the house, and other MPs sign it to show their support. If the EDM gets enough support it will be debated by parliament.

What is EDM 295 all about?
EDM 295 is highlighting the devastating effects of the Work Capability Assessments undertaken by Atos on behalf of the government as part of their drive to smash the welfare state. Over 40% of people who have been found fit for work by Atos officials have won at appeal and had the decision overturned, but for many that is too late. Over a thousand people with disabilities died last year whilst undertaking compulsory work for their benefits, and many more have been driven to take their own lives. And, to add insult to injury, Atos is sponsoring the Paralympics! EDM 295 calls for an end to the current practices which do immeasurable harm to some of he most vulnerable members of our society, and for them to be replaced with a system that is fair.

What can I do?
This will only be debated if it gets enough support. Contact your MP and urge them to sign EDM 295. If you are not sure who your local MP is, this link will help.

Write to them, e-mail them or call into their surgery and tell them that you think Atos is fiasco, their treatment of disabled people is deplorable and that you want it to end.

Atos Kills. Support EDM 295.

Read the full motion and list of signatories here.


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