Work-to-rule: week one

From today (Monday 30 July), a work to rule is in force in HM Revenue & Customs. Your reps will be handing out checklists for the first week’s activity, so make sure you get one and keep it on your desk so that you know what it is you need to do as part of the action.

This week:

  • As soon as members attend the office a DSE self-assessment should be done on the workstation where one is due (and for the rest of the week particularly where there is desk sharing).  Any problems identified should be reported to management.
  • Every member who has not had an eyesight test in the last year should insist on having one and apply on Monday 30 July.
  • DSE/VDU breaks (a break from continuous activity involving a computer) should be strictly adhered to, including in contact centres.

Each week, we will be handing out updated checklists with that week’s action added to them. This is so the members who misplace their week one spreadsheet or who weren’t in to receive it can catch up and so that all members get a sense of how the action is escalating. If you have any questions about the actions that PCS are taking – either as a staff member or as a manager – please don’t hesitate to ask your nearest rep.

You can download a .xls copy of the full checklist, covering all five weeks of activity, here.


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