Support action for jobs in HMRC

Lead negotiators from the group executive committee (GEC) are meeting senior HMRC management over the course of the coming weeks where we will again press the department to commit to firm agreements on jobs, attendance management and ending privatisation.

Unless we make significant progress through negotiations we will be calling on members to take the following strike action during week commencing 3 September:

  • Monday 3 September – all members to stay away from work from 07:00 until 09:00.
  • Friday 7 September – all members to stay away from work from 15:30 until 17:30


PCS members across HMRC have been taking action and engaging in campaigning activity throughout the summer. As a result we believe that campaigning is having a tangible effect.

We continue to press the department to give us assurances over:

  • No further job cuts in HMRC
  • No compulsory redundancies
  • Ending privatisation
  • Removing consideration points in the attendance management policy

Although we remain fully committed to reaching a satisfactory outcome through negotiations, branches are preparing now for further action in the week beginning 3 September.


Our negotiations continue to be strengthened by the support and participation of members across our group. The Campaigns, Organising and Union Learning (COUL) committee met yesterday and agreed this programme of industrial action, in line with Emergency Motion 14 passed at group conference 2012.

Although we welcome £34million being recycled into 1,000 temporary and fixed term appointments (TFTAs) rather than going to the treasury’s coffers to pay for an economic crisis not of our making, we believe the department could and should go further.

As a minimum, all TFTAs (current and new) should be given fixed term appointment (FTA) status, meaning they have the right to apply for permanent jobs within HMRC. Everyone can see our department is increasingly becoming more casualised, both as a result of employing TFTAs to replace permanent staff and the use of the private sector in our contact centres.

All workers carrying out tax related duties, regardless of their grade, employer or status should be made permanent and given the opportunity to have a decent, long term career in HMRC. The current round of vacancy filling exercises provides a small glimpse of what could be possible if there was the political will to fully invest in jobs and resources in HMRC.

Take action

We thank all members who have participated in our Tax Justice for All campaign so far. You are making a real difference to improving our chances of keeping tax offices open, improving conditions and protecting jobs in HMRC.

We’re now asking branches to encourage members to continue to participate in the action and activities for week four of our campaign:

  • Send a letter to your local MP using our e-action form on the PCS website.
  • Refrain from doing any work outside their grade, including completion of whiteboards.
  • Insist on full training if flipped/moved to new processes.
  • For those requiring a break due to thermal comfort (ie, dryness, overheating etc) should complete an ACC1 accident report.

We will communicate any developments in negotiations with the department. We call on the department to give us firm guarantees on jobs, removing consideration points from attendance management policy and ending privatisation. Your GEC and negotiators will continue to defend jobs and conditions for all members in Revenue and Customs.


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