Tax Justice For All stall in the Strand

Today (29 August) members of PCS Bootle Taxes Branch held a public stall outside the Strand shopping centre. The aim was to garner public support for the Tax Justice For All campaign as our work-to-rule nears its end and we prepare to take strike action next week.

PCS members in HMRC are taking action with the following demands:

  • There are no further job cuts
  • There are no compulsory redundancies or moves of staff beyond reasonable daily travel
  • Privatisation trials in contact centres are brought to an immediate end
  • Consideration points are removed from the attendance management policy.

As a whole, members of the public were receptive to our message that there was an alternative to cuts and supportive of our campaign. As well as distributing several hundred leaflets, we gave out badges, stickers and balloons which allowed people to show their visible support for our campaign – as well as inspiring children to drag their parents over to our stall so they could get a freebie!

Our “limited edition” Tax Justice For All drinks coasters!

Several local establishments also agreed to take our Tax Justice For All branded drink coasters – ensuring that the case against austerity will be seen by diners and drinkers for longer than we could possibly stand at a stall.

Tomorrow, Bootle Taxes members will be visiting Steve Rotheram MP in Walton to ask him to follow in Joe Benton MP’s footsteps and sign Early Day Motion 211.

Next week, PCS members across HM Revenue & Customs will be taking strike action from 7am til 9am on Monday 3 September and from 3.30pm to 5.30pm on Friday 7 September.


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