Enabling agreement between PCS and HMRC

As members will now be aware, PCS has suspended further industrial action after negotiations ahead of the planned stoppages led to an agreement being reached with the employer concerning job cuts, privatisation and attendance management.

PCS members in HMRC have taken a sustained programme of industrial action including strike action and a series action short of a strike over the summer. There were plans to stage walkouts on 3 and 7 September but all action has now been suspended for an initial period of two months to allow for further talks on the issues in dispute.

The agreement confirms the guarantee of up to 1,000 new jobs, addresses the use of temporary and fixed term appointments and a commitment that means PCS’s full involvement in the current trial of private companies in contact centres.

The union has welcomed the commitment to work productively with the trade unions to bid for extra funding in HMRC to close the tax gap, properly assess the effectiveness of the attendance management policy, give thousands of temporary staff the ability to apply for permanent jobs and give recognition that HMRC people are preferable to deliver public services.

PCS Revenue and Customs group secretary Peter Lockhart welcomed the decision stating: “Our members’ campaigning efforts have already made a real difference but these measures do not change the fact that staffing levels are still being significantly reduced. We must continue to build our political campaigning efforts to achieve permanent guarantees over job cuts.”

The full contents of the agreement can be found in PDF format here.


2 thoughts on “Enabling agreement between PCS and HMRC

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