Permanent increase in hours secured for Bootle Group staff

For the past couple of years, HMRC has been committed to temporary solutions. Temporary staff, temporary promotions, temporary increases in hours. All with the aim of meeting targets faster so that they can start slashing jobs.

PCS has been fighting this all the way. We’ve argued consistently for permanent jobs, which we’re closer to achieving with the status of temporary staff changing from TFTA to FTA, allowing them to apply for jobs internally. We’ve already secured permanent promotions for many staff and continue to push for more. Now, in HMRC Bootle Group, pressure by PCS Bootle Taxes reps has pushed the department to offering permanent increases in hours.

For many staff who increased their hours from part time to full time, a decline in income was always looming on the horizon. March 2013, which will potentially see upwards of 1,000 staff leave, would also see their salaries decline. For term time staff, whose salaries are averaged across the year, it would have been particularly disastrous with the department asking for overpayments back.

But now, all members who wish to have the option to apply for a permanent increase in hours. Management have given a deadline for this of Thursday 11 October, but they also have to insure that everyone who might benefit – including staff who are absent – are contacted.

Any member who feels that they have not been able to take advantage of this opportunity, particularly if not notified by their manager for any reason, should contact a rep. In the meantime, we would encourage every member in Bootle Group who is on a temporary increase in hours to put themselves forward for a permanent increase.

Collective pressure works. We should heed that point with every benefit we wish to gain and every time the employer tries to take away something we have already won.


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