PCS Protest Day – 30 November

An image from the Bootle Taxes protest on 14 November

On 30 November, the union is organising a day of coordinated protest against the government’s attempts to rip up our rights at work. This follows actions on 14 November initiated by a number of offices around the country, including Bootle Taxes Branch.

As part of this action the branch is asking all members to:

  • Attend a 15 minute protest outside the building at 2.30pm;
  • Wear black as a visible show of opposition to the government.

14 November was just the start of our campaign against these attacks. The union is looking at balloting for industrial action in the new year. In the meantime, we need to keep up the pressure with protest actions on 30 November and beyond.

The attacks on terms and conditions have provoked widespread anger. Activity by ordinary members on the ground has been an integral part of this campaign. We want that to continue, so that PCS can take the kind of action that its members want to defend our working rights.

During the protests on 30 November, we want members to vote what protests we take next as a branch. In order to facilitate this there will be a Campaign Committee meeting to decide what proposals are put forward.

Everybody is welcome to attend and participate in this meeting – Wednesday 28 November, 1pm, in the Jawbone Tavern.

All members are encouraged to attend in their own time. Please come along and help us ensure that where we go next really is decided by members.

The union is asking members to take part in protest activity, but not industrial action. We are not asking you to refuse to carry out any of your contractual duties or to carry them out in any less cooperative way than normal.

See a rep if you have any questions.


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