Learning at Work Day 2012 – report back

Report: Toni Wright; Pictures: Pete Grubb

Planning for this year’s Learning at Work Day started back in February. At the time, contact centre Union Learning Reps were still in Queens dock, planning the event having not seen the building, found a location or seen how many people we could invite to hold stalls! The previous year’s event had been our biggest so far and as we are gluttons for punishment we knew this year’s event needed to be bigger and better than the last.

Quite quickly after moving to the Triad I started looking for a venue for the day. With help from Anna Williams from the contact centre we secured the 19th floor of the Triad. Straight away we started to invite stall holders – we always try to invite a wide variety of organisations in on the day, this year we had stalls varying widely from Liverpool Museums to Armistad, from Sefton Advanced Motorists to card making.

We originally organised Learning at Work Day for Contact Centre staff only, having at the time we started planning been part of a separate branch. However this was opened up to all staff late in the day, so all staff in the Triad and Litherland House could experience this Learning at Work Day.

With ULRs from Litherland House and the rest of the Triad on board, we set about the organisational mine field that comes with getting close to 2000 people to the 19th floor over the period of a day.

As part of the day we held a very successful Question Time, where members put forward questions to a panel of guests. These included Bootle Taxes Branch Secretary John Smith, PCS National Officer Steve Farley, Bootle Group Senior Manager Chris Parle, Contact Centre Business Manager Dan Gibbons and Laura Robertson Collins from UnionLearn. It was chaired by outgoing PCS Regional Learning Coordinator Pete Grubb. The feedback that we have had from this part of the day has been very positive both from audience members and the panel.

The day also involved one of the union’s national campaigns, “Count Me In.” PCS want to get personal email addresses and mobile phone numbers of members so that we can communicate quicker and more effectively about the important issues that affect us all. In conjunction with this, we held a free prize draw for a kindle this was won by Lauren Woosey.

No doubt the planning for next year’s event will start soon. If you have any ideas on who you want to see at the next Learning at Work Day, just let one of the ULR’s know.


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