It’s election time again – why not get involved?

Blog Pic - ProtestersVery shortly, the Branch Chair and the respective Office Chairs will be putting a call for members to nominate themselves as local reps or branch officials. This is integral to the democracy of Bootle Taxes Branch and it’s vital that everyone plays their part.

Of course, once the ballots start we’ll be encouraging all members to cast their vote. Those standing could potentially represent you and tour interests for the coming year and you should have your say in who fills this role. But that’s only the final stage of the process – have you considered standing for election yourself?

To be a rep, you don’t have to be a table thumper or a fast talker. You do have to care about the interests you and your colleagues hold as workers and how best to advance them. That goes for an awful lot of people where we work, most of whom will never stand. So why not?

All the training you need to do the job – from personal cases to negotiating with management to organising campaigns – will be provided. Other reps with more experience will always be on hand to offer advice and help out. It’s not easy, and it’s not a skive – the TUC estimates union reps volunteer around 100,000 hours of their own time a year – but it is worth it if you’ve got the right frame of mind.

We’re looking for local reps in all of the offices in The Triad and Litherland House, but particularly SI and Compliance where there are currently no reps. We’re also looking for people to fill branch wide roles. Details will be emailed to members in work shortly. If you’re at all interested, please consider putting your name forward.

Finally, if you don’t want to be a rep, don’t think that this means you can’t still get involved. We’re always looking for more members to get active, and our Campaign Committee is open to any member who wishes to attend. If you don’t want to be a rep, but still want to play a part in fighting for your rights at work email our Campaign Coordinator, Phil Dickens, to get involved.

2013 promises to be another year of hard battles. The government’s austerity agenda shows know signs of slowing down, and low paid civil servants are one of the main groups in their sights. But the more of us are active and stand together, the better we can resist their attacks.

The union is only as strong as its members. Make sure you get involved and play your part.


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