Defend trade union rights – defend Kevin Smith!

KS - The Capital 4Almost 1,200 PCS members in the UK Border Agency (UKBA) in Liverpool have been balloted in a dispute arising from the sacking of a local union representative.

Since December 2011, a young PCS member working in UK Border Agency was systematically hounded by management with the assistance of local human resources. In October 2012 he was dismissed by the department and Merseyside Branch has been involved in negotiations on his appeal in the following weeks. There were hopes that common sense and fairness were about to prevail.

Those hopes were dashed when he was advised just 4 days before christmas that his appeal had been rejected. Kevin Smith (pictured) worked as an Administrative Assistant (AA) in the Nationality office of UK Border Agency in Liverpool before his unjustifiable sacking.

All members should show their solidarity with Kevin. Cases of trade union victimisation are likely to be on the increase as the government ploughs ahead with its cuts agenda. When a trade union rep is sacked or victimised it is an attack on the whole of our union and its democracy.

PCS have begun a petition addressed to the new Permanent Secretary at the Home Office, Mark Sedwill – sign the petition here.

Members can also contact Kevin’s MP Angela Eagle and ask her to intervene in the case. Contact her here.


2 thoughts on “Defend trade union rights – defend Kevin Smith!

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  2. Solidarity for Kevin from the Northern & Midlands office of the NUJ. Deeply shocked to hear of the UKBA’s viciousness and cowardice. Good luck with the campaign.

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