Bootle Taxes members prepare for action

2013-03-13 13.09.04

Yesterday (13 March), Bootle Taxes Branch members in the Triad attended a members’ meeting to discuss the upcoming national strike action.

Members gathered outside of the building for the event and several members of the public also stopped to see what was going on. Revenue & Customs Assistant Group Secretary Vicki Searle addressed the crowd, outlining not only the National Executive Committee’s plans for action but also how it would tie into campaigns specific to HMRC.

Vicki was quick to stress that this would not simply be a case of one more single-day protest strike. This would be a sustained campaign of disruptive action aimed at forcing the Cabinet Office to negotiate on jobs, pay, pensions and terms and conditions.

PCS members across the country will be taking strike action on Budget Day. This will be followed by at least two further days of action in the subsequent 12 weeks, one of which will be devolved to individual groups to decide what form of action will have the most impact. There will also be an overtime ban running from the Budget Day strike up to 20 June.

The Bootle Taxes members’ meeting was timed to coincide with the day of action against austerity called by the European Trade Union Confederation. PCS’s dispute is one mirrored across Europe and we stand in solidarity with all other workers making a stand.


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