Lively Budget Day strike in Bootle

2013-03-20 09.46.32-1

Roughly 98% of the 1,800 staff in the Triad and Litherland House stayed away from work on 20 March as tens of thousands of PCS members took strike action over jobs, pay, pensions and terms and conditions.

PCS Bootle Taxes reps and members staffed picket lines from before 7am. There was a lively and positive atmosphere, buoyed further by continual public support both from pedestrians and drivers who honked in support. A contingent from Stand Up In Bootle – the anti-Bedroom Tax campaign which recently staged a march of around 1,000 people down Stanley Road – also took the time to join the picket and offer their solidarity.

As this was a civil service-wide strike, there were picket lines at all government offices around Bootle, including the Department for Work and Pensions, Health & Safety Executive and Sefton Magistrates’ Court.

Our sister HMRC branch, Bootle St John’s House, stole the limelight with the video of their “Harlem Shake” on the picket line. The video has become an overnight sensation:

As well as the picket lines, there was a well attended rally at the Liner Hotel in Liverpool. It was followed by a packed out function in the Vernon Arms, where the musical talents of our own Charlie Wilson and Adam Lloyd added another £62 to the coffers of the Branch Hardship Fund.

Yesterday, reps handed out leaflets reminding everyone that there will now be an overtime ban running until 20 June. There will be picket lines whenever weekend overtime is offered, and we would encourage all members to speak to reps for details and help out where possible to keep support for the ban as high as it was last time.

Bootle Taxes Branch would like to thank every single member who took part in strike action. Especially those who gave up their time to picket throughout the day. Please continue to show the same tremendous support as the campaign rolls on.

Read a PDF version of the overtime ban leaflet here.

Read a PDF version of the special strike-day “extra” edition of our newsletter, Bits & PCS, here.


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