Oppose the imposition of the new performance management policy

The following message comes from the GEC. Reps will produce further information as we get it.

Don't rip up my rightsWe’re asking members in HMRC and other departments to take disruptive action to oppose new Performance Management arrangements

Here at PCS HQ we have been overwhelmed with responses from members and branches to HMRCs proposed draconian new performance management policy.

We asked for feedback on the proposals and it’s clear from the large and uniform response that members are opposed to the new policy; they are angry and want to oppose its imposition actively.

At its recent meeting, the GEC agreed to seek further negotiations with HMRC to request a halt to the imposition of the new policy to allow time for detailed negotiations. Our key areas of concern are:

  • The link of performance to pay
  • Guided distribution and the 10% target for the “must improve” category
  • The impact of the policy on vulnerable workers

Negotiators subsequently met with the employer’s representatives to explore the scope for further discussions.

HMRC are determined to impose the policy from 1 April even though they recognise that the new policy is untested and has not got the support of the workforce,

Critically, HMRC representatives confirmed the 10% target for the “must improve” category was firm with all parts of the business expected to adhere to it.

In these circumstances we are left with no option other than to prepare members for a sustained campaign of non-cooperation with the new Performance Management policy.

We recommend opposition

The GEC has agreed a package of measures which are designed to allow members to express their opposition to the new policy; this will include a campaign of disruption which will involve industrial action.

We recently received endorsement from members for a campaign of industrial action to take forward the PCS demands including halting the implementation of any detrimental new policies.

Members in HMRC and other departments will be able to engage in action under this national mandate to oppose the imposition of the new Performance Management policy.

We will continue to meet with the employer. Unless an acceptable outcome is achieved, we will be giving notice that members in HMRC and elsewhere will be exercising their right to take action short of a strike to oppose the imposition of the Performance Management policies from week commencing 1 April 2013.

If this happens we’ll let you know what to do shortly.

Help to make sure that the opposition to the new performance management policy is well publicised. Together we can make sure that this policy halted.


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