Defend your local tax office – demonstrate!

EC 11 April demo

HMRC recently announced plans to pilot the closure of 13 Enquiry Centres in the North East of England from 3 June. It has made clear that, if this pilot is a success, it will close all 281 offices around the country by May 2014.

This decision puts over 1,300 jobs at risk. It also takes away a vital lifeline for some of the most vulnerable taxpayers – such as pensioners – who rely on the Enquiry Centres for help with complex tax issues. This is clearly a political decision in line with the government’s drive to slash jobs and decimate public services.

It doesn’t have to be this way. PCS members are currently engaging in a campaign, including industrial action, to defend jobs and services and promote the alternative to austerity. We ask that you join us.

Following on from the half day strike by HMRC staff on 8 April, on Thursday 11 April we will be demonstrating outside the Enquiry Centre in Bootle in defence of the service it offers. This is only the starting point of our campaign, but we need this demonstration to be as large and loud as possible.

Defend your local tax office – DEMONSTRATE!
Thursday 11 April, 12.30pm
Outside the Triad, Stanley Road, Bootle
Bring flags and banners

RSVP on Facebook here

E action – Ask your MP to support the campaign to stop the closures | Sign the e-petition against the closures

Send messages of support to r& and

UPDATED: Download a PDF version of the flyer to promote the demo – Bootle Taxes Branch version | generic version


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