Keep tax advice local – demonstration report

2013-04-11 12.32.59On Thursday 11 April members of PCS Bootle Taxes Branch, supported by members of nearby branches, held a demonstration in opposition to the closure of HMRC enquiry centres.

Upwards of 50 people attended the demonstration. It came just days after the solidly supported half day strike in support of the national campaign. Despite the wet weather it was loud and lively, and well supported by members of the public.

Bootle Taxes Branch Secretary and GEC member John Smith spoke at the demonstration. He was joined by Assistant Group Secretary Alwyn Mason and GEC member Carol Gerrard. All spoke of how their was no rationale behind the decision to close all 281 enquiry centres.

Alwyn Mason said “the true agenda here is more privatisation.” He urged all members to get behind the campaign, to write to their MP and to sign the e-petition.

Closing the rally, John Smith said: “when you’re in work with your colleagues, talk to them about what’s happening. When you’re down the pub with your mates, bring up the issue. Make sure everyone knows about the closures and why they’re wrong.”

This only marks the start of the campaign against these closures. Bootle Taxes have more actions in the pipeline for the near future, and we’re sure we’re not the only ones!


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