Action on Performance Management begins

pmq-towerThe Group Executive Committee has yesterday released a bulletin detailing how it wants members to oppose the implementation of the new performance management policy.

The first stage of the action in HMRC will be for members to present a letter to their managers formally objecting to the new system. It is important that all members do this as it will provide a platform for taking further action as the campaign develops. It will also demonstrate the strength of opinion across the department and force the employer to pay attention to our campaign.

The key points of opposition are:

  • Do not agree the initial objectives. This would mean managers would have to impose them and then appeals could be made at a much earlier stage;
  • When the appeal process begins, collate examples of good performance and self-assess;
  • You should ensure that your objectives are sound and achievable;
  • You should ensure that overall performance assessment is accurate and based on sound evidence;
  • Be clear about any shortfall or training need;
  • All staff should request their ranking tranches, reasons for this and evidence in writing.

BB 116/13 contains detailed guidance as well as sample letters to hand to management and it is recommended that all members read it in full.

Download BB 116/13 in PDF format here.


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