Support the Stand Up In Bootle demonstration on May Day


At 12 noon on Wednesday 1st May, there will be a march from Bootle Town Hall to the One Stop Shop on Stanley Road. This is being organised by the Stand Up In Bootle campaign against the Bedroom Tax. PCS Bootle Taxes Branch members are urged to support it and participate.

The Bedroom Tax is a policy which penalises social housing tenants for “under-occupancy” by slashing their housing benefit. It is set to hit disabled people and the most vulnerable claimants hardest, and is likely to leave people at risk of increased financial hardship and/or eviction despite their being a distinct lack of smaller social housing to “downsize” to.

Stand Up In Bootle first hit national headlines on 28 February, when many hundreds of people marched through Bootle in opposition to the Bedroom Tax. Members of PCS Bootle Taxes and PCS Bootle St John’s House Branches were part of that march. This was followed up by a Liverpool-wide demonstration on 30 March, where Stand Up In Bootle joined its sister organisations from across the city to march on St George’s Hall and demand an end to the unfair tax.

What is so fantastic about all of the campaigns around this issue is that they are entirely self-organised, led by those directly affected. Yet at the same time they recognise the value of a broader unity, and have supported PCS during our national campaign of strike action by joining our picket lines.

PCS is staging a week of campaigning against welfare reform from 29 April to 5 May. This will begin with a demonstration at Ashton-under-Lyne job centre where the first Universal Credit trial is taking place. As part of that week, Bootle Taxes Branch encourage participation in the Stand Up In Bootle march on May Day. News of other events organised for that week will follow.

Stand Up In Bootle demonstration
Wednesday 1st May, 12 noon
Assemble at Bootle Town Hall

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One thought on “Support the Stand Up In Bootle demonstration on May Day

  1. Video of the May “Bedroom Tax” march here. Courtesy of Art In Action – Stanley Road. Bootle.

    And a nice banner too PCS!




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