Support the overtime ban

6222_campaign_of_action_campaign_pageAs part of the national campaign, the National Executive Committee has renewed the overtime ban across the Civil Service from 1 July to 31 August.

During the period of the official ban, Bootle Taxes Branch will stage picket lines whenever weekend overtime is offered. We would ask that all members refuse to work overtime during this time and consider attending our picket lines where they are able. Speak to a rep for details of this activity.

Overtime allows the Department to mask how under resourced it really is allowing them to publicly make false claims that the department can meet its responsibilities with fewer staff.

Think of Ruth Owen’s recent pronouncement that with PAYE up to date, HMRC can start shedding jobs. We have lost 20,000 staff in the department since 2005 and 20,000 more will go by 2015. FTA staff and enquiry centre staff are just a fraction of that number, so don’t say “it can’t happen to me.” It can.

Working overtime not only helps HMRC mask the effect of job cuts, it enables them in slashing jobs. We want permanent jobs and decent pay, not to have to surrender our weekends to scrape in a few extra pennies.

Support the national campaign. Choose jobs not overtime!

Download our full guidance to members on action short of strike in PDF format here.

Read our post on how action short of strike can be effective, from the 2012 Tax Justice For All campaign, here.


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