Staffing Crisis in PT Ops : Management Desperately Seek Volunteers from Other Work Areas to Clear the Backlogs

No_to_overtimeIt has been brought to our attention that PT Ops management have issued a request for non-PT Ops staff to help clear the backlogs of work caused by chronic short staffing by volunteering to work overtime for PT Ops.

It is surely a sign of desperation that PT Ops management have resorted to issuing requests for staff with PAYE or SA knowledge in other areas of HMRC to come forward and to volunteer to use these skills to work overtime on PT Ops work?

PCS believes that this is further evidence of our claim that more jobs are needed in PT Operations to cope with the work and to provide an acceptable service to Taxpayers who need our help. Overtime cannot mask the devastating impact of job cuts in PT Ops – only more permanent staff can reverse this.

We believe that this also reflects the strong support that members in PT Ops have shown for the PCS National Overtime Ban. So few members have come forward to work overtime in PT Ops that management have now resorted to trawling outside of the directorate to find people willing to do it. We would urge all members in PT Ops to continue to refuse overtime and we would ask PCS members elsewhere in HMRC to support their colleagues who are fighting to protect 6,500 jobs by doing the same and declining offers of overtime in PT Ops, or anywhere else.

We have raised our concerns about this issue with PT Ops management and they have offered assurances that this is only one of many options which they are considering and that no final decisions have been taken. They have committed to abiding by the terms of the Employee Relations Agreement and consulting with PCS before making a final decision.

Whilst we welcome these assurances, we have expressed concern that we were not consulted before the expression of interest exercise began and we will continue to press for permanent jobs instead of overtime when we meet with management to discuss this offer further.

Support the claim for permanent jobs in Personal Tax; don’t work the overtime: it’s someone else’s job and could be yours tomorrow.


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