Revenue & Customs Group Executive Committee Agrees Campaign Strategy on Performance Management

pmq-towerThe GEC has now considered the next steps on implementing a campaign strategy on the imposed Performance Management system in HMRC. The strategy which was unanimously endorsed by the GEC will call on members to completely disengage from co-operation with Performance Management in line with the policy agreed at this year’s delegate conference. The GEC has agreed to formally advise the employer that all activity relating to the new Performance Management system will be deemed to be invalid and any Performance Management Reports will be repudiated.

The revised campaign strategy will require all members to:

  • Issue their managers with a further letter advising of the move to non-cooperation
  • The letter will indicate that non-cooperation will include no further participation in any self-assessment process or meetings
  • The stance of non-cooperation will continue until, in the view of the GEC, satisfactory answers to a series of questions on the system are received
  • The questions will pose serious concerns on the operation of the system including its consistency, fairness, compliance with equality legislation and guidance.

The GEC is seeking negotiations on the Performance Management system and our negotiators have requested that the mid-year review process is paused to allow discussions to take place with a view to agreeing a way forward. We await the employer’s final reply to our proposals but we must plan for a negative response.

The GEC will write to the employer to advise them formally of the PCS’ agreed position on Performance Management and the advice we will be giving to members. Formal non-cooperation will commence from Monday 7th October.

We will be issuing detailed advice to members on the conduct of the campaign, including a Q&A which will include advice on how to respond to being issued with an instruction on any aspect of the Performance Management process.

The GEC is requesting agreement from the PCS NDC (national disputes committee) to run an indicative ballot which will test members’ views on the Performance Management system and the misuse of previous staff survey responses.

We are aware that the move towards non-cooperation is a serious step and it is essential that members and branches are fully supportive of this approach. We have canvassed opinion from the GEC and the Advisory Committees. The GEC has also agreed to the formation of a Campaign Steering Group which includes representatives from the branches who moved the successful resolutions at conference. We have also taken account of the responses received to BB178/13 asking branches for views on implementing the policy agreed at conference.


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