National executive agrees next phase of national campaign

6222_campaign_of_action_campaign_pageOur union’s national executive met today and considered the results of the huge consultation exercise undertaken over the summer months following the decisions of our annual conference.

Seventy-eight per cent of PCS branches representing 206,000 members took part in the consultation on the next steps in our campaign to defend members’ pay, jobs and pensions. The national executive wishes to thanks branches for their positive and serious engagement in the consultation exercise.

The executive discussed how the consultation could inform the campaign strategy.

First, it was agreed to step up attempts to build co-ordinated joint action with other unions over the public sector pay freeze and pension cuts. Approaches will be made urgently to unions currently engaged in campaigns of action. The national disputes committee will meet to consider whether effective co-ordinated action is possible.

Exerting sustained pressure

Secondly, the executive agreed a strategy of national and targeted action aimed at exerting sustained pressure on the employer in the civil service and related organisations. The national disputes committee will identify key operational areas where action can have a serious impact and persuade the employer to negotiate a settlement on our national demands. The executive agreed to divert resources to these areas and a national levy will be implemented to raise funds to support members taking action in the targeted areas.

Political campaigning will be built up to increase pressure on politicians in their constituencies to support PCS members.

Lastly, the executive agreed to issue encouragement and guidance to members to take part in the day of action called by national anti-cuts forum the People’s Assembly on 5 November to protest against the government’s damaging and unnecessary austerity programme.

Bootle Taxes Branch will publicise further details to members as they become available.

More information on the national campaign, including details of action taken so far, can be found here.


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