Less than six weeks to save enquiry centres

KeepTaxLocalBuild pressure on HMRC – let’s win support for a future for face to face services and keep tax advice local

The group executive committee (GEC) has agreed a fortnight of action beginning 1 December.

Our keep tax advice local campaign is entering a new phase. We have less than six weeks until the end of the pilot and HMRC will make a final decision on whether to close 281 enquiry centres early in the new year.

Our successful week of action in September galvanised PCS branches across the UK, highlighting the strong public and political opposition to HMRCs closure plans.

Without our Keep Tax Advice Local campaign, a decision on the future of Enquiry Centres would have already been made by now – resulting in the likelihood of 1,300 job losses.

Branches will focus activities on building support amongst the public and increasing political pressure on HMRC to keep enquiry centres open. Currently, 37 members of parliament (MPs) have signed early day motion (EDM) 612. See if your MP has signed it here. We need all members urgently to seek support from their local MP to sign this EDM and to raise awareness amongst the wider community and with other trade unions.

We will keep members up to date with details of planned activities.

Join our campaign of opposition to these closures.


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