Jobs and staffing ballot result

pcs-standardThe Jobs & Staffing Campaign Ballot closed yesterday. The result of the ballot is:


(a) Number of Votes Cast: 13,485

(b) Number of “YES” Votes: 7,370

(c) Number of “NO” Votes: 5,978

(d) Number of spoiled voting papers 137


(a) Number of Votes Cast: 13,485

(b) Number of “YES” Votes: 10,365

(c) Number of “NO” Votes: 2,872

(d) Number of spoiled voting papers 248

The employer has been notified of the result.

The next step is to prepare for action. The litmus test of our campaign will be our ability to halt or reverse the attacks on our members. The employer has announced a series of attacks on members in the last few weeks:

  1. The attempt to remove Banked and Anticipated Leave
  2. The continued imposition of the discredited and reviled Performance Management system.
  3. The attempt by the employer to force over 2,000 members to ‘flexibly resource’ into contact centres to cover staffing shortages.
  4. The announcement that the employer plans to close Stockport (Wellesley House) and a further consultation to begin in June on 14 locations.
  5. Ongoing privatisation plans in DMB, Benefits & Credits and the HMRC post rooms.
  6. The announcement that 2,270 FTA staff face compulsory redundancy

The GEC will approach the employer immediately seeking talks around these issues and demanding that these decisions are reversed.

Bootle Taxes Branch thanks our members for their support. Our delegates will be involved in debating the next steps in our campaign at PCS HMRC Group Conference next week. A full members update will be issued following conference.


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