Overtime Ban Extended across HMRC

No_to_overtimeLate last year the Group Executive Committee obtained authority from the union’s National Disputes Committee to implement an overtime ban across the whole of HMRC from 12 December to 1 March 2013. We later extended this until 30 May 2014.

During this period we have seen an increase in the offer of overtime across businesses including offering voluntary exit packages to staff at all grades in a number of locations, whilst at the same time asking them to work overtime before they go.

It is quite clear that HMRC are using overtime to mask staff shortages and run down the department.

Last week, following on from the successful Jobs and Staffing ballot result, the Group Executive Committee agreed to extend the overtime ban so further notice has been served to extend it to 30 June 2014. The ban is likely to be indefinitely extended under the new mandate and form part of an overall strategy of continuous action short of strike.

All members are asked to observe the overtime ban which is being implemented to further the objectives of our national dispute and the R&C Jobs and Staffing campaign.

PCS has long argued for a properly resourced department with adequate staffing. It’s clear that HMRC Management is adopting an approach of managing decline. PCS has and will continue to make the case for investment in the department.

The Group Executive Committee would like to assure members that every effort has been made and will continue to be made to address the concerns of members through negotiations. However it is the failure of HMRC Senior Management to honour commitments it has made which means that this action and further action following on from the jobs and staffing ballot is necessary.

We therefore cannot emphasise enough the importance of the ban to much and we are aware that membership support for the overtime ban has remained strong. It is crucial that this support continues.


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