Jobs & Staffing industrial action strategy announced


  • A rolling week of regional strikes commences on Monday 23 June
  • As part of this, the North West is out for a day’s strike on Friday 27 June
  • Industrial action short of a strike begins now
  • Continued support for the overtime ban is vital

Following the last month’s successful ballot for action, the Group Executive Committee has agreed an industrial action strategy to pursue the aims of the Jobs & Staffing Campaign.

This is the beginning of a summer of industrial action designed to put maximum pressure on HMRC to re-consider their plans and instead invest in jobs and staffing.

PCS remains committed to talks with HMRC to address the widespread staffing crisis, the discredited performance management system and the threat of thousands of job cuts under their unpopular office closure and privatisation agendas, it is clear we now have to take action in order to change their plans.

PCS members across all grades and areas have been put under increasing pressure to mask job cuts. HMRC have attempted to divide workers by implementing a system that seeks to penalise 10% of its staff every year under performance management. Staff in numerous locations face an uncertain future as their offices are lined up to close.

Years of pay restraint and attacks on our terms and conditions are pushing members to breaking point.

Strike action

There will be a week of rolling regional strikes starting on Monday 23 June. As part of this action, members in the North West are asked to take a day’s strike on Friday 27 June.

This is the same kind of action that HMRC members took alongside our comrades in the DWP last year as part of the national campaign. Then, ministers were forced to admit in parliament that there was significant disruption to the service HMRC provides as a result, particularly in terms of call handling. With strong membership support for the action, the same will be true again.

Action short of strike

As well as withdrawing our labour during strike action, PCS members have the power to maintain disruption on the job and highlight just how much the department relies on the goodwill of the staff it is attacking.

This includes support for our ongoing overtime ban which is having an effect in highlighting the staffing crisis.

Full guidance on action short of strike will be issued in due course, but the guidance on disrupting the tax credits peak offers a useful starting point.

Long term view

This is a long term campaign and its importance cannot be understated. Thousands of jobs are at risk right now, and many more will face a threat in the near future. HMRC’s vision of a smaller, leaner and more flexible workforce is a vision of job losses, punitive performance management and the bonfire of our terms, conditions and employment rights. Only our collective strength as a union, with the support and participation of all members, stands in the way of that.

We remain confident that by fighting together and striking together we can secure a future for thousands of workers in HMRC and ensure we have a department fit for purpose and able to carry out its important functions that millions of people rely on every year.

Adapted from a bulletin which will be issued to branch members this week.

Download the full bulletin here: .doc version | PDF version


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