Fresh action called in Jobs and Staffing Campaign


Bootle Taxes members asked to take a full day’s strike on Wednesday 30 July

Following a decision of last week, the Group Executive Committee yesterday served a new notice of industrial in HMRC. This means that we are asking members to take a further full day of industrial action next week in pursuit of demands at the basis of the dispute. The action will be rolled over three days with different regions involved on different days around the peak in work anticipated on Tax Credits and Self Assessment.

The action will be staged as follows:

  • Wednesday 30 July: North West England and Wales
  • Thursday 31 July: Scotland and Midlands
  • Friday 1 August: Northern (including Cumbria), Yorkshire & Humber, Eastern, London & South East, South West, Northern Ireland

The potential leverage associated with targeting a busy time for a department which is already papering over significant cracks is obvious. Members’ contribution to the campaign so far has been resolute and if this continues then PCS negotiators will be in a strong position from which to win concessions on a diverse range of issues including staffing, job security, Personnel Management and privatisation.


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