Bootle turnout remains solid for latest pay strike

2014-10-15 08.12.25

The Triad picket line

Pickets were out in force from early at The Triad and Litherland House in Bootle today (15 October) for the latest action in the battle over pay.

With pickets in place from before 7am, and media attention from ITV programme Good Morning Britain, the branch managed to deliver yet another solid strike turnout. At the Triad, around 40 staff crossed the picket line while the majority of the 1,500 strong workforce stayed away. At Litherland House, the picket line was typically solid. Strike turnout across the branch was 96%.

Branch Secretary John Smith told Good Morning Britain that members were “scapegoated” for an economic crisis that they didn’t cause, while MPs “awarded themselves an 11% pay rise.”

Litherland House picket line

Litherland House picket line

A strike rally held in Liverpool after the picket lines there had finished raised £238 for the DWP Garston Strike Fund. Strikers there have been delivering solid turnouts for their own action since Monday, and continued to do so as part of the national strike action.

Elsewhere, action is disrupting services across the UK.

Bootle Taxes Branch sends its full support and solidarity to all PCS members who took action today, and to DWP Garston staff whose strike continues until Friday.

As ever, we will keep members updated with all developments in the campaign as we become aware of them.

More coverage of the action:


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