Week of solidly-supported strike action in Garston comes to an end

1625570_10152618359878881_6387426360430675705_nPCS members at DWP Garston contact centre in Liverpool have completed a week’’s strike action over office closure plans.

The week’s strike action ran from Monday 13 October to Friday 17 October and followed on from two 1-day strikes on 16 May and 23 June.  Members have been protesting against the proposed closure of their office and the forced transfer of all staff to Bootle.

Dave Owens, assistant branch secretary based at Garston, said: “The strike has been very actively and solidly supported by ordinary members who feel very strongly that once again they are being made the victims of management’s plans.

“The plans to close the office are particularly impacting on women who do the school run, others with caring responsibilities and those with health issues. Because of the extra travelling time, many members will have to reduce their hours when they can’t afford to.

“If senior managers continue to treat their workforce like pieces in a chess game and refuse to sit down and negotiate the alternatives with us, we will continue our fight.”

Martin Cavanagh, DWP group vice president said “The action taken by members at the contact centre in Garston has been inspirational.  It has been supported by over 90% of the membership and shows the determination of members to carry on the fight. They have been left with no choice but to defend themselves, and the services they provide, and their willingness to strike in the numbers they have shows they will do just that.”

Over 50 people have attended the picket line in Garston this week and they have had solidarity visits from other PCS branches, the local trades council and others.

A bucket collection at the Liverpool strike rally on 15 October collected nearly £250 towards the strike fund.  If members would like to contribute to the strike fund, please send donations to: Mr A. Campbell. 67A Garston Old Road, Liverpool L19 9AD. Cheques should be made payable to: PCS DWP Liverpool branch hardship fund.

Please also send messages of support to: leeds@pcs.org.uk


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