Direct debit and the PCS diary


Register for direct debit for your chance to win £1,200

Members should already be aware that the government is trying to cut off our funding by ending arrangements to collect PCS subs direct from your salary.

There is particular urgency in the Home Office, Department for International Development and DEFRA. Management of these employers has informed PCS formally of their intention to withdraw check-off over the next few months.

Senior management in HMRC have indicated that they are likely to enter formal consultation over withdrawal in the near future.

With this threat imminent, our goal is to have all members ready to pay by direct by the end of April. Your details will be held securely on our systems, which are compliant with data security procedures.

You can help secure our future and stay protected at work with an independent voice against a hostile employer and you could win a big cash prize in the new year by taking 3 minutes to register online to pay your PCS subs by direct debit. You will need your PCS membership number or National Insurance number and your bank card. Speak to a rep if you do not know your membership number.

Here are the prizes:

  • 1st £1,200
  • 2nd £200
  • 3rd £100.

The prize fund has been donated by Thompson solicitors and is open to all who have registered by 1 January, 2015.

Register your details now and ask the colleague sitting next to you to sign up.

Diaries to return next month

Following on from the decision by the National Executive Committee to withdraw the free PCS diary for all members as a cost saving measure, it will be making a triumphant return in the December issue of PCS People.

A motion to Conference in May instructed the NEC to provide the diaries once more, and the debate showed that even in the midst of a summer of industrial action whether or not members got a free diary remained a hot button issue. The motion passed overwhelmingly.

We therefore advise all PCS members to keep an eye out for the magazine – and the apparently much-coveted prize inside.


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