Support for PCS against HMRC anti-union plot grows

Support your unionFollowing on from revelations that senior HMRC officials had engaged in a secret plot to marginalise PCS and disrupt our organising capability, a number of organisations have come to the aid of the union.

On Friday we wrote to PCS members in HMRC and published a transcript of the secret paper we have seen outlining the anti-union plot by their employer.

Now Jan Willem Goudriaan, general secretary of the 8 million-strong European Federation of Public Service Unions, has offered to intervene on behalf of PCS and write to HMRC Chief Executive Lin Homer. There is also a growing alliance willing to act for us, including TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady and our cross-party parliamentary group, chaired by Labour MP John McDonnell. This will include raising questions in the House of Commons.

PCS are still prepared to go to the conciliation service Acas to try to resolve the jobs and staffing dispute, something that Homer has previously rejected. But we will not be bullied into signing up to damaging cuts.

There will be a meeting for PCS Bootle Taxes Branch members to discuss this matter next Wednesday, 26 November, at 1pm in Ash Street Church. It is important that as many members as possible attend and support your union in the face of these attacks.

Download a transcript of the secret management document here.

Sign up to pay your subscriptions by direct debit here.


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