Branch AGM and election results


Bootle Taxes Branch Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 24th February 2015
Ash Street Church
1pm – 2pm
Lunch provided

The meeting will be in your own time, however you are legally entitled to time off to attend.

The AGM pack, which includes the agenda, branch officers’ reports, the election results, nominations for national positions and motions to Conference, can be downloaded as a PDF document here or as a word document here.

Branch election results

Late last year, Bootle Taxes Branch put out a call for nominations. Elections for those roles which had more candidates than places ran from Wednesday 14 to Wednesday 21 January. Details of those ballots have now been sent out to all members.

As a result of those elections, following the AGM the various committees will be comprised as follows.

Branch Officers

Chair:  John Virtue

Vice Chair:  Bernadette Parkes

Secretary:  John Smith

Assistant Secretary:  Kate Harnick

Organiser:  Phil Dickens

Treasurer:  Roy Jones

Deputy Treasurer: position vacant

Training & Education Officer:  Brian Allen

Equalities Officer:  Tony Hand

Women’s Officer:  Sharon O’Neill

Young Members Officer:  Elayne Henderson

Environmental Health & Safety Officer: Helen Sheridan

Office Committees

Benefits & Credits: Secretary – Iain Yell, Chair – Kris Marsden

Reps – Matthew Harvey, Euin Owen

Bootle Group: Chair – John Virtue, Secretary – Steve Kearney

Reps – Brian Allen, Nikki Burns, John Byrne, Debi Clisham, Lyn Cunningham, Phil Dickens , Dave Gibbons, Richie Hammond, Ian Mercer, Sharon ONeill, Tony ONeill, Helen Sheridan, Charlie Wilson, Chris Wood

Enforcement & Compliance: position vacant

ISS Cleaning Staff: position vacant

Triad Contact Centre: Chair – Phil Millar, Secretary – Sarah Malone

Reps – Mark Cleugh, Shaun Fielding, Adam Lloyd, Kellie McLoughlin, Phil Murphy

Litherland House: Chair – Bernadette Parkes, Secretary – John Smith

Reps – James Gerrard, Kate Harnick, Roy Jones, Steph Taylor, Chris Welsh

Health & Safety Reps

Benefits & Credits: Barry Jones

Bootle Group: Brian Allen, Nikki Burns, John Byrne, Brian Cairns, Ian Carruthers, Debi Clisham, Dave Cluskey, Phil Dickens, Dave Gibbons, Margi Henderson, Dave Lindsay, Justine Lloyd, Rosetta Luca, Tony ONeill

Triad Contact Centre: Wendy Johnston, Jenny King, Phil Millar

Litherland House: Kate Harnick, Bernadette Parkes, John Smith

Union Learning Reps (ULRs)

Benefits & Credits: Kris Marsden, Karen McKeown

Bootle Group: Ian Carruthers, Haley Caruana, Sue Donaldson, Rosetta Luca, Justine Lloyd

Triad Contact Centre: Elayne Henderson, Jenny King, Kellie McLoughlin

Litherland House: Roy Jones, Steph Taylor, Chris Welsh

Branch Delegates to Conference

Phil Dickens, Sarah Malone, Phil Millar, John Virtue

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