Defend the right to strike

pcs_stop_union_busting_logorTrade union members across the world are being urged to show their support for the right to strike.

The International Trade Union Confederation says the right is under threat from employers and governments.

The right to strike is a fundamental, basic human right which is currently under threat by the employers’ group at the ILO.

The ILO is made up of three groups – employers, workers and governments. The employers’ group has challenged the very existence of the right to strike, established under ILO Convention 87. The workers’ group responded by asking for an opinion from the International Court of Justice on the right to strike in international law.

The key decision was due to be made at ILO governing body in November. Instead, the governing body asked for further tripartite discussions on the right to strike, to be reported to its meeting in March for a decision.

It comes as PCS are having to fight off attempts by UK ministers to undermine our union by attacking our finances and ability to organise.

John McDonnell MP, the chair of our parliamentary group, has tabled a Commons motion opposing further legal restrictions on industrial action.

Ask your MP to support Early Day Motion 802.

Protect your union membership – sign up to Direct Debit today.


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