Bootle Group phone work briefing #2

Phone work briefing #1 is available here.

From a bulletin issued to members in PT Operations Bootle Group:

  • Any member pressured to change their hours for training should speak to a PCS rep
  • Members with health or other reasons why phone work is unsuitable should not be pressured to undertake training

Training schedules

Following our previous briefing we were involved in several discussions with local management with regard to the plans for phone work. Unfortunately this did not extend to the proposals regarding training times.

We were therefore surprised to find out that members were being advised they had to attend training at prescribed times, with little, and in some cases no notice.

From a contractual point of view the department does reserve a right, even under flexible working to require attendance at certain times to cover issues such as training. However a key aspect of this is affording reasonable notice.

We believe this should be at least two weeks in line with what is practiced elsewhere in the department. As this has clearly not happened in this instance, no one is under any obligation to attend at the times set out in Friday’s email from senior management.

We do not expect any member to face any adverse consequence for being unable to meet the rigid requirement.

Managers should be taking staff availability and working patterns into account and anyone who feels pressured to change their hours in order to attend the full time training should contact a rep.

We have also made representation about other training issues including the length of time the training is lasting. We do not believe 8 hours training is appropriate and runs contrary to what has previously been practiced locally.

We have also expressed concerns over the venues for training with two sessions being carried out on each wing at the same time. This is clearly not an appropriate training environment.

Suitability of the Work

We are aware many members have already had discussions with their manager if they have health or other reasons why phone work is not suitable. Please speak to a rep if you have any issues over this, particularly if you feel you are being pressurised in to taking calls. Similarly if you have been told you didn’t have to take calls you shouldn’t need to do the training, we are aware that some members have been told to attend the training “to see what it is like”. You should not feel pressurised into doing this.

Please contact a rep regarding any of the issues in this brief, or if anything else arises with regard this matter.

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